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Observation of Tianyu powder equipment Co., Ltd., this year of most countries in the world economic situation is has been in a depressed state. This has seriously hindered the food grinder industry development, make food mill industry is facing various pressure. Under such a severe challenge and pressure, each manufacturer must to several energy, to find a breakthrough.


Tianyu powder equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise to produce food mill. Through years of hard work, make their own core competitiveness continuously upgrade, experienced and have the ability to compete with industry pressure, at present Tianyu powder realized to food crusher equipment based, supplemented by other food mill production line equipment development structure, together with the emphasis on service process, and gradually realize the transformation of product management, in the first half of the year, the industry as a whole in the downturn, Tianyu powder sales orders to the trend of 3% rise, which for many of the factory house in terms of are inconceivable, has been very good.


Must pay attention to in the future market of the products development, the goal of Tianyu powder to make better quality of the mill, work on their products and services in bitter, service and marketing combination, let users and Tianyu powder mix, to realize the value of Tianyu powder.


Powder equipment Co., Ltd. Tianyu main crushing series, universal grinder, ultrafine pulverizer, Chinese herbal medicine pulverizer, food grinder, ribbon mixer, trough type mixing machine, grinder, welcome come to cooperate with us.